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Trademark Registration

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The Trademark Registration was established in India in 1940 and presently it administers the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the rules made thereunder. It acts as a resource and information Centre and is a facilitator in matters relating to trademarks in the country. The objective of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to register trademarks applied for in the country and to provide for better protection of trademark for goods and services and also to prevent fraudulent use of the mark.

TradeMark Registration

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A person who claims to be the proprietor of the trade mark in relation to goods and /or services may apply for the registration of a Trade Mark. When two or more persons who use a trademark independently or propose so to use it, as joint proprietors, they may apply for registration of a trade mark as joint proprietors.

The representation of the trade mark must clearly identify the trade mark and should be in the prescribed manner as provided in the application form.

A common misconception is that registration of a company at Companies House provides the owner of the company with trademark rights in that name, but this is not the case. If a new company name conflicts with a registered trademark, that company name may have to be changed. Equally, if you do not register your company name as a trademark you might not be able to stop competitors trading with the same or a similar name later on. A trademark registration in itself can become a valuable asset of the company that owns it.

TradeMark Search

Trademark search will know as clearance search performed before registration of the brand name to help gauge the availability of a mark and to find if any other similar or identical mark exists. Trademark clearance searching can be used to determine whether or not a mark is free for use/registration in the territories of interest.

TradeMark Classes

In any trademark application it is necessary to list the goods/services that you wish to use the trademark for. Goods and services are classified for trademark registration purposes by the Classification. There 45 Class headings of the trademark classification. As part of our trademark filing service, the first 35 classes denote products and the rest services.

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